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Masters of Bhutanese Traditional Music Vol. One
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Masters of Bhutanese Traditional Music Vol. One highlights ten extraordinary keepers of Bhutan's unique musical heritage. This publication is the first of its kind, gathering together biographical sketches, first hand accounts, contemporary and historic photographs, and mesmerizing audio samples to illuminate these incomparable elder musicians and the precious song forms they practice and preserve. Musicians included: Ap Dawpey, Am Tshewang Lham of Paro, Ap Gangkar Wangdi, Ap Tsheten Dorji, Am Thinlem, Am Sedy, Am Tshewang Lham of Trongsa, Am Lhachem, Ap Dengo, Am Nimchu Pem.

Journey to Sengbji: Songs of Am Nimchu Pem

Am Nimchu Pem, a 67-year old rice farmer from the Trongsa area in central Bhutan, is a nationally revered singer of zhungdra (old-style folksong). She has performed for the Kings of Bhutan and won the country's 2002 zhungdra singing competition. The Bhutanese/American MBRC crew traveled to her home in the small village of Sengbji in October 2008 to record songs and dances from her rare repertoire. This CD captures her compelling, virtuosic rendering of eight unaccompanied songs in the zhungdra and boedra (Tibetan influenced) styles. plus includes several complementary instrumental tracks featuring traditional Bhutanese drangyen (lute), chewang (fiddle) and lim (flute). A gorgeous 24-page full color booklet with extensive liner notes and photographs accompanies the disc.

Music from the Mountains of Bhutan: Songs of Kheng Sonam Dorji

An exquisite recording of hauntingly beautiful traditional and original songs backed by drangyen, the iconic dragon-headed, fretless lute of Bhutan. Interesting liner notes included.


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